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 Are you trying to conquer a tough stump? Are you tired of hiring someone to remove stumps for you, or you don't want to spend money on a dedicated stump grinder? Look no further than the Eterra Stump Planer! This beloved planer is designed to be used with an Eterra 3500 or 4500 auger drive using a two 2-inch hex drive using a minimum of 2,200 ft-lbs. 

 What makes our stump planer so awesome? The planer consists of 3 cutting blades and a starter tip. All of these parts can be sharpened and/or replaced as needed. The starter tip guides the planer through the stump while the guides on the edge of the cutter keep the attachment from jumping out of the stump. All of this lets the planer go up to 18" in the stump and ground, ensuring that your troublesome stump will be removed permanently from the surface. Stump grinders aren't able to go that deep! 

Please make sure that you check the rating of your auger drive and the hydraulic flow of your loader. Check with the manufacturer if your not sure what specifications your device has. 

  • 10" Stump Planer Torque Range: 2,200-6,000 Ft. Lbs.
  • 14" Stump Planer Torque Range: 3,300-6,000 Ft. Lbs.
  • Both models attach to a 2" hex drive


Please Note: This attachment is meant to be used with the Eterra Auger Attachment, and should not be used as a tractor implement, or on a 3 point auger drive. If used on an incorrect platform, your machine may not have the power to reverse the planer in the event of a jam. 

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  • Select Stump Planer Size
  • Available in 10" and 14" sizes


  • Weight:: 52 lbs.
  • Length:: 26"
  • Diameter of Cut:: 10"
  • Drive Hub Style:: 2" Hex Multi-Hole fits Most Manufacturers
  • Minimum Auger Drive Torque (10" Planer):: 2200 ft. lbs. Reversible
  • Minimum Auger Drive Torque (14" Planer):: 3,300
  • Cutters:: 3 x Tool Steel Resharpenable
  • Pilot:: 1 x Tool Steel Replaceable Point
  • To use this Attachment you must have a 2" Hex Drive

FYI: The Eterra Stump Planer used to use a threaded style pilot head. The new and improved style fits together and is attached by a retaining pin to ensure that the pilot tooth stays in place, but is still easy to replace as needed. 


Ask a Question
  • Where are the stump planers made

    Hello! They are proudly made in the USA by Eterra in the Pacific NW!

  • Are these on backorder?

    Yes these are on a 6-8 weeks backorder.

  • Can I get the auger stump planer bit with a 2 1/2 round shaft to fit a bobcat anger? If so what would be the cost for a 10 inch

    Our stump planers are on 8-10 week back order at the moment.

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