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Backup Camera System

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This is a heavier, more rugged version of Eterra's CM-20 skid steer camera that is designed to have the monitor mounted outside of the cab and in harms way, so a more rugged design was necessary. The monitor is enclosed in an impact proof aluminum case.  It is sealed and heated to protect it from the elements.  It is designed to mount inside a roll up cab style machine such as a Kubota SVL or Takeuchi machine.  It also works great outside on a tractor or excavator.

The Eterra CM-30 Backup Camera for skid steer loaders and compact equipment is designed to mount onto the back of your skid steer while providing a live feed to the main screen in the cab.

The Eterra (Terra-Cam) system is an extension to the incredibly successful CM-10 model of back-up cameras that Eterra brought to market in 2006. These cameras just took off as one of Eterra's most requested products, in high demand from day one. Eterra's customers wanted more and they have responded.

The Terra-Cam CM-30 Features Now Include:

  • Larger 7" TFT Screen - Samsung - Water and impact proof.  Industrial rated version for outdoor use.
  • 2 Channel Capability - Manual or auto switching.
  • Camera Enclosed in Heavy Cast Aluminum Waterproof Housing.
  • Sharp - CCD, 420TVL, IR, Audio, 150 Degree View Angle Camera - Designed for 100% on-time.
  • 5 Meter Extension Cable provide for camera to monitor connection.
  • Heated and thermostatically controlled camera.
  • Magnetic mount provided for cameras so installation is easy. We use only Neodymium magnets which are a high quality, long lasting magnet that do not leave rust marks on your machine.
  • Night Vision equipped camera fills in low light areas and makes everything crystal clear even on dull days.
  • Wire line Connection with filter from Cameras to Monitor eliminates power control and interference to camera.  Wireless cameras suffer from digital interference from your machine and your cell phone.
  • Heavier, more robust aluminum U-shaped mounting system.
  • Heavy cabling with locking sealed connectors.

NOTE: This monitor is quite a bit heavier than other models.  Overhead mounting is not recommended unless you can bolt into a steel surface on your machine or the monitor can tear away from your machine.

Warning:  Competitors have seen the success of this "Made for Skid Steer Camera Systems" and want your money. They are offering you automotive back-up cameras for just a few dollars less than Eterra's made for skid steer systems. The big difference is that automotive cameras are not rated for being left on for 100% of the time. They are meant only for backing up. This is very annoying in a skid steer as there is a slight delay each time you back up. Eterra cameras are meant to be turned on and never turned off until you are done for the day. Nothing will damage this monitor or camera. You will not get more than a month of daily use out of automotive cameras before the image degrades and eventually fades away just like your hard earned money. They also hate vibration.  Machine vibration tears them apart.

Another thing about the automotive grade cameras are that many of them are wireless. They are on the same band as your cell phone so you will notice interference whenever you have your phone with you. Cheap cameras are worth what you pay for them and just are not meant for an industrial environment. Leave them in the mini van.

Testimonial from the Owner of Eterra

"Do not buy auto cameras and try to use them in an industrial setting. You will be back in a month to buy a real camera. We know it, our competitors know it. They just don't care. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our skid steer loader cameras so we are constantly improving them for you! We don't buy bulk packs from Costco and relabel them. Others do."


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