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Heated Seat Kit - Carbon Fiber

Heated Seat Kit - Carbon Fiber

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Product Details
- New Dual Electronic Temperature Control System
- One Carbon Fiber Backrest Pad 9"x18" and One Carbon Fiber Bottom Pad 9"x18"
- Pads are Approximately 1/32" Thick
- 2 Rows of Double Stick Tape to Adhere to Seat
- Pre-Wired Dual Temp High/Off/Low 2-Color Illuminated 3/4" Round Switch
- Quick-Lock Cable Ties & Adhesive Insulating Tape
- Power Cable with In-Line Fuse
- High Setting between 120°F to 125°F / Low Setting between 110°F to 115°F
- Universal Fit for Older and Newer Style Seats
- Quick Heat Up Time within First 2 Minutes of Starting the System On High

Electrical Specs: Wattage: 24~30 Watts per Pad, 48~60 Watts per seat, Current Draw: 4 Amps on Low Heat Setting and 5 Amps on High Setting per Seat.


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  • does this attach to the usb or cigarette lighter

    Hi there - you would connect it to a power source and a ground, but does not come with a cigarette lighter plug (although you could wire one on if that's your preference). It does come with an inline fuse, and there is also a switch to turn the seat on low/high/off.

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