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Skid Steer Dozer-Grader Attachment | Eterra

$ 17,995.00 $ 18,999.00
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Looking for high performance grading capability? Look no further than this Eterra Grader! Use its ultra-duty 6 position dozer-blade to take on difficult grading jobs with power and precision! The stabilizer boom can be lifted to make this attachment a full function dozer blade, and the bolt-on reversible cutting edge will allow you to get a full lifespan! Best of all, this dozer features an automatic control system that uses laser technology to expand your accuracy, and productivity! Your dozer will be controlled by a Skid Steer Genius Super Controller system. This system utilizes to small joysticks that will be attached to your machine. This will allow for easy operation of your grader, while allowing your hands to stay on the vehicle controls.


Recommended Uses:

  • Landscaping
  • Asphalt, curbs, gutters and concrete
  • Trail and path construction


  • Weight
  • 1878 lbs.
  • Adjustability
  • 6-Way
  • Controls
  • Skid Steer Genius Super Control
  • Cutting Edge
  • Bolt on - Reversible
  • Grading Control Options
  • Slope Control or Laser Mast Control System

Design Specs

  • Width (w/wings): 106.25"
  • Width (w/o wings): 86.5"
  • Length (wheels down): 92"
  • Length (wheels up, blade horizontal): 40"
  • Height (wheels down): 43"
  • Height (wheels down, laser towers at lowest): 96"
  • Height (wheels up): 104"


NOT INCLUDED: Laser transmitter (sender): Eterra does not supply the laser receiver, which must be sourced by the operator independently. This gives you the flexibility to choose a laser transmitter that fits your needs.


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