Caterpillar Pro-Series Enclosure System Details

Our Caterpillar cab enclosure systems are specifically designed to fit each Caterpillar model that we have listed for availability.  We make a kit for many models of Caterpillar machines (but not all).  We do not currently make a kit for the C or D series machines.

Our full enclosure system includes everything you need to get closed in from the weather:

  • 1/2" thick poly-carbonate plastic front door 
  • Rubber bubble gasket for around door perimeter
  • Locking door handle set with keys
  • Door latch
  • Door striker
  • Door hinges and hinge bases
  • Door hardware fasteners (for hinges, hinge bases, and handle set)
  • Upper or lower door thresholds (if needed, depending on your model)
  • 2 1/16" thick poly-carbonate plastic side window panels (these are solid panels, and do not slide open / closed)
  • Foam rubber weather sealing gasket perimeter of side window panels
  • Side window panel fasteners (for securing to the ROPS cage)
  • Installation manual

Installation takes roughly 1-2 hours, and can be done using basic tools (wrenches or socket driver, screw driver, etc.).  The job is a little easier if you have a helper to give you a hand while installing the side window panels.  

Our doors are nearly indestructible as they are manufactured using extremely durable commercial grade 1/2 inch thick poly-carbonate plastic.  The doors are so tough, that you can literally beat on them with a sledge hammer and you can not break them.  This makes them ideal for any application where additional operator safety is a must such as in forestry work, concrete demolition, etc.  Many of our customers purchase our doors after having broken their factory doors multiple times.  Poly-carbonate plastic is hundreds of times stronger than glass.  

Our side window panels are made using the same material but it is much thinner (approximately 1/16 of an inch).  In most cases, the side window panels mount on the inside of the ROPS cage, and thus are mainly serving as a weather barrier since the ROPS cage provides the protection for the operator.  Additionally, they come in one solid piece and due to their size, they sometimes need to flex or bend slightly to get them inside the door opening for installation.  The side window panels do not slide open and closed, but they can be removed in about 15 minutes.  Most of our customers choose to remove them during the summer months and then put them back in during the fall.  

The enclosure system does not include a windshield wiper or a heater, but we do sell those accessories if you need them.  The electric windshield wiper is designed specifically  to fit our doors, and install quickly and easily.  If you order a wiper when you purchase your door, we will drill the necessary holes in the door for the wiper installation at the correct location.