Work Safer with the Eterra CM-40 Skid Steer Backup Camera System

Camera System Overview

We all know that on a jobsite, time is money. But nothing can be more expensive than an accident that costs you both time and money.  Avoid both of these by outfitting your trusty skiddy with our Eterra CM-40 skid steer backup camera system today. The CM-40 features an updated design based on customer feedback over time and provides for fantastic operator visibility and safety.

We like to think of this heavy-duty back-up camera as the most user-friendly device on the market. Here are just a few reasons why this is the backup camera to buy for your skid. 

Easy Installation

You don’t need to worry about a bunch of wires or a tedious setup process. This camera comes with 3 color-coded wires and easy-to-follow directions so that you can get it installed quickly and get back to work.

We also include a mounting bracket for the monitor that you can locate anywhere you like inside your machine.  If you happen to have a Kubota skid steer with the roll up style door, we have a different mounting bracket for that application. 

The camera itself uses super strong rare-earth magnets so it is quick an easy to stick it wherever you need on the machine.

The whole system can be installed in about 1-2 hours for most machines.

Real Buttons

The sealed monitor comes with charge buttons, which means if you are working with gloves, you don’t have to take them off to adjust anything on the monitor. This new design incorporates buttons with a silicone seal so you can actually feel the buttons click with you touch them. The buttons are also dust-resistant, so dirt and dust will not compromise their functionality. 

Removable Harness

If you ever need to remove the camera, it has an easily detachable system that allows you to inspect, clean, or take off if your product is ever damaged. 

Improved Camera Features

The compact camera design got a makeover and features 720P resolution, improved glare functionality, and 150-degree wide angle view. Additionally, the assembly is heated, meaning it performs great in cold weather as well as warm weather. It also has external LEDs meaning you can use it unlit areas or at night. Finally, since it’s compact, you can place it virtually anywhere that works best for you.

The camera also has integrated night-vision, allowing you to see well even in the dark!

Additional Features

This back-up cam is built to last. It has an IP-67 monitor rating, meaning that it can be exposed directly to water and will not be damaged. Additionally, there are optional backup lines to help with your special awareness. Finally, we know you don’t want to be bothered by having to turn the camera on and off, and the CM-40 will stay on continuously while you’re working.

But don’t just take our word for the great functionality of this device. Listen to what our customers have to say about the Eterra CM-40 skid steer backup camera as well:

“I am completely satisfied with my order. The quality of the equipment exceeded my expectations. The videos were very helpful as well!”

-Christine F.

“Very happy with the picture quality and helps to be safe when backing up the skid steer. The installation was easy and mounting bracket works well.”

-Bernard T.

If you are interested in purchasing the Eterra skid steer backup camera or want to learn more about this product, visit us online at

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