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ETerra 12 Volt Cab Heater (water sourced heat)

ETerra 12 Volt Cab Heater (water sourced heat)

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12 Volt Cab Heater - Fits all models - 12 Volt Only:

The Eterra Maradyne Cab Heater uses your existing cooling system to draw heat. Our price includes the heater and 3 Speed switch kit with minimal wiring. An installation kit is sold separately which includes the hosing required and the common fittings used to install. Please check your block as our kit utilizes SAE threaded fittings, while many blocks use metric threads.

Please note that you are responsible for all wiring in your skid steer, this will include a hot/fused lead from your battery to the switch. You are then required to properly ground the base of the heater to insure a complete circuit to the fan motor.

You need to have some mechanical expertise to do this and we want you to understand that this will take you about 5 hours to install. There is no easy way to do this. You will need an open spot on the floor to mount the heater. You will then have to break into the cooling system and run the lines that you will supply to the sides of the heater. You have to allow for the extra length when you lift the cab up. Keep your eye on the prize because once you are done, you will be in a toasty cab as you plow the winter roads! Some may find it easier to have installation completed at a shop or dealer.

We were going to offer the electric model but it is 1/10th the output and feedback from the field has been poor, so unfortunately if you want heat, you are going to have to work for it.

Warranty: The tube and fin water coil have a lifetime mfg. warranty, please contact us for details.

Important NOTICE: This heater is NOT for use on oil cooled units! This item is only designed for water cooled equipment. Please check your cooling system requirements prior to ordering.

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