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Replacement Heavy Equipment Glass 

This listing is for aftermarket replacement glass compatible with the listed OEM models. When ordering please provide the exact make and model of your machine in the order notes.  Our glass doors are in stock and ship in 2-3 business days. Please call or text us at 240-301-1225 if you have any questions. 

Fits Cat C/D Series

 Models 311D, 311C, 312D, 312C, 312DL, 312CL, 315C, 315DL, 315CL, 318CL, 320D, 320C, 320DL, 320CL, 320DLN, 318CLN, 320DLRR, 320DRR, 320CLU, 320CU, 322C, 322CL, 325D, 325C, 325DL, 325CLL, 330D, 330C, 330DL, 330CL, 330DMH, 330CMH, 345D, 345C, 345DL

 Track Excavators : 307C, 307CSB, 307D, 311CU, 311DLRR, 311FLRR, 312D, 312D2, 312D2GC, 312D2L, 312DL, 312FGC, 313D, 313D2, 313D2GC, 313D2LGP, 313FLGC, 315C, 315CL, 315D, 315DL, 318C, 318D2L, 318DL, 319DL, 319DLN, 320C, 320CL, 320CLRR, 320CLU, 320CU, 320D, 320D2, 320D2GC, 320D2L, 320DGC, 320DL, 320DLN, 320DLRR, 320DRR, 322C, 322CL, 323D2L, 323DL, 323DL, 324D, 324DL, 325C, 325CCR, 325CL, 325CMH, 325D, 325DL, 325DL, 325DMH, 326D2L, 326DL, 329D, 329D2, 329D2L, 329DL, 329DL, 330C, 330C, 330CL, 330CMH, 330D, 330DL, 330DL, 330DMH, 336D, 336D2, 336D2GC, 336D2L, 336D2LXE, 336D2XE, 336DL, 336DL, 340D2L, 340D2L, 340DL, 345C, 345CL, 345CLVG, 345CLWVG, 345CMH, 345D, 345DL, 345DLVG, 349D, 349D, 349D2, 349D2, 349D2L, 349DL, 349DLVG

 Wheel Excavators : MH3059,W345CMH,MH3049

  • Glass Dimensions: 40.5" X 33"

  • Glass Weight: 9lbs

  • Glass Shipping Method: Large Suspension (Must go truck)

  •  Glass Weight: 18lbs 

  • Glass Shipping Method: Large Suspension

     *Warning* We also produce Lexan and Polycarbonate doors for many models. This product is GLASS and is not considered a safety door. If you are looking for extreme protection please look at our Pro-Series enclosures or Forestry doors. 

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