EX-30 Micro/Sidewinder Flail Mower Blade | Eterra

EX-30 Micro/Sidewinder Flail Mower Blade | Eterra

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Used on Eterra EX-30 Micro Mowers & Sidewinder mowers installed on excavators, mini skid steer loaders and boom arms.

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Quantity Required for a Full Set

EX-30 Micro - 20

Sidewinder - 20

Hardware Requirements

When changing blades, you should examine the blade bolts carefully and replace if more than 25% of the bolt is worn away. Failure to do so can allow the bolt to fail which will release the blade. The blades can fly as far as 100 yards form the mower causing property damage or injury to bystanders. Please be safe and change all of the hardware when you change your blades.

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