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John Deere Backhoe K & L Series FRONT WINDSHIELD Curved

John Deere Backhoe K & L Series FRONT WINDSHIELD Curved

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John Deere Backhoe K & L Series FRONT WINDSHIELD, curved

Why replace factory glass with a SHIELDS® SUPERCOATED™ Polycarbonate Window? The FORM ~ FIT ~ FUNCTION of OEM Glass Combined with the Increased Safety ~ Durability ~ Performance of Formed & Coated Polycarbonate. Our windows are cut and formed to duplicate the OEM glass shape and trim (including hardware mounting holes). Edges and holes are milled (as needed) so that original gaskets and hardware can be used from your existing glass application. Our windows are post-coated with our SUPERCOAT™ giving the polycarbonate nearly the same level of abrasion resistance of glass AND these Performance Advantages: * 1/2 THE WEIGHT * 250 TIMES STRONGER * REDUCED NOISE * INCREASED LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE * DECREASED SUMMER HEAT GAIN * DECREASED WINTER HEAT LOSS. Replacement polycarbonate is commonly referred to as Lexan, Makrolon, or PC and mistakenly referred to as glass, plexiglass, and plastic. Plexiglass and plastic are acrylics which is a different material than polycarbonate. 


  • 310K (EP, SK, TC), 315K, 410K (TC), 710K, 210K (EP), 310L (EP, SL, HL), 315SL & 410L – offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ CLEAR POLYCARBONATE – SUPERCOAT™ BOTH SIDES.


Lead time: 2 weeks – Made to order

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