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Ever have issues put your posts in the ground? Cut out the extra time and hassle with this powerful Eterra post driver!

Easily obtain up to 1000ft-lbs of energy with a fully enclosed nitrogen charged power cell! This hefty unit can take a beating, and is constructed with A572 Grade 50 steel and a heavy duty reinforced mounting plate. The power cell housing accommodates rubber isolators around the cell, protecting it from the impact force and reducing vibration while still delivering maximum driving force to the posts.

Buy this Eterra post driver today and experience no more issues!

Eterra Post Driver Features & Specs

  • Overall Width: 46"
  • Overall Depth: 18"
  • Material Housing: ASTM A500 GRADE B TUBE STEEL
  • Overall Weight: 1268
  • Overall Height: 54"
  • Driver Head Material: 4140 Steel
  • Minimum Operating Pressure (PSI): 1400
  • Charge Pressure (BAR): 20
  • Charge Pressure (PSI): 290
  • Energy Class (ft-lbs): 1000 ft-lbs.
  • GPM Flow Range: 13-21
  • Operating Pressure (PSI): 1700

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Questions & Answers

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  • will this work to build a 10' high fence with 5 ft in the ground using pipe?

    Hello, this attaches to your skid steer or excavator, so the length of posts would be determined by your machine's maximum height and reach. I have seen people use this on all sorts of things including railroad ties, posts, rails, and pipes! Feel free to call/text me at 240-301-1225! 

  • Would this attachment work for standard guide rail H posts? Could we fab a support piece to hold it in place and would there be any issue pounding the metal into the ground?

    Yes, I think it would work great with those post. You may wear out your driver head a little faster than using with wooden post, and you may have issues in rocky ground. I would recomend the breaker tool with the driver, and even then you may need to put extra work in because of the shape of the post. You would NOT have to fab anything for your guide, we include 2", 4", 6", 8" guides with the attachment. Here is a video I found on youtube of someone testing the attachingment with just the kind of beam you are talking about.
    Let me know if you have any more questions!