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Hex Auger Extension | Eterra

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Eterra Hex Auger Extension

Heavy duty and built to last. Eterra's auger extensions have been engineered by operators for operators who are looking to increase the depth of their digging and drilling capabilities. These fixed length auger extensions feature premium wave pattern welds for increased durability. Many competing extensions weld their pieces together on a straight line, creating a potential fracture line when the extension is put in extreme conditions. The wave weld pattern engineered for Eterra ensures a stronger weld that will take a beating and avoid breakage. Precision welded hubs and output shafts combine with heavy wall tubing, further increasing strength, all while lowering weight. The multi-hole hub allows for fit to most auger drives.

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  • Available in 12", 24" 48" and 72" lengths.
  • Wave weld pattern to avoid fracture lines
  • Precision welded hubs and output shafts
  • Heavy wall tubing
  • 2" Hex
  • Milti-hole fit
  • Fixed length


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